Change Is Inevitable

Applying safety, accuracy and our great reputation to solar, renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Change is constant. It’s how we respond that defines us.

We’ve Sharpened and Clarified

At D&G Electrical Services UK Limited we’ve started calling ourselves D&G Power Solutions. We’re still the same NICEIC engineers with the same values of safety, accuracy and fairness, we’re just looking ahead with a little more clarity. And our brand modernisation reflects our development.

Same Trusted NICEIC Engineers

For close to three decades we’ve been independently designing, planning, installing and testing turnkey commercial electrical solutions. In recent years we’ve experienced a greater demand to meet client, government and global environmental aims. We’ve listened and we’ve grown.

New Sustainable Products and Services

As well as turnkey electrical solutions for switchgear, MCC, standby generators, fire alarms, CCTV, lighting, voice, telephones and more, we’ve developed. Our services now include solar, sustainable buildings and electric vehicle charging. And we’ve teamed up with the very best.

Best-In-Class Partnerships, Certs & Advice

With EV multinational, ABB, we’re OLEV Registered Installers for public, private, fleet and bus. For Solar PV we help your business navigate change, source funding, fix costs and reduce tax. We can also help you survey sites, secure CAPEX, beat government targets and plan practically to future-proof your sites with sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

Still Putting Safety First

We’ve built a trusted reputation over time for Health and Safety. Reliability and accuracy in our work is rooted in our vast experience. We can only achieve our safety goals with consistency and this means looking after our employees and customers with respect, fairness and equality.

Start Your Energy Conversation

Let’s talk power. Receive no-cost energy insights, ask for CAPEX quotes, create an installation specification, learn how to fund a project or simply deepen your understanding. We’ve taken careful steps forward so that we can inform and advise your future in power. Let us help.

We’ve changed our name and we’re on track for a safer and more sustainable tomorrow.

Contact D&G Power Solutions today.

Let’s talk power, plan budgets and solve problems, what ever you need, start your energy conversation with us.

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